Sub-Surface Baits

Sub-Surface Baits Mike Lewis’s article titled, “Sub-Surface Baits: Methods for Deploying Baits Below the Surface”, praises the efficiency of the Zwing downrigger. Mike Lewis questions ‘just how deep can you get with a downirgger weight?,’ he writes, “The faster you troll with most downrigger systems, the more it planes the cable, and bait, back up toward the surface. This is true with almost all downrigger weights, even those that are shaped like fish or made very thin to cut water resistance. The exception to this is a hydrodynamically designed wing that takes the place of the heavy lead ‘cannon ball.’ Called the Z-Wing 500, this lightweight weight device works so well that there is virtually no planing of the bait back toward the surface.”


Depth Perfection

Depth Perfection “Depth Perfection: Put some depth in your offshore trolling presentations with these awesome downrigger and planar techniques” written by Gary Caputi analyzes the practice of downrigger fishing. “Trolling ranks as one of the top techniques for taking most kinds of game fish, especially those that spend at least part of their time in the top portion of the water column.” The Zwing allows you to maintain depth perfection.


Sport Fishing Magazine - New Product Release

Sport Fishing Magazine - New Product Release This article was written by “Marathon John” Cacciutti in the December 1992 issue of Sport Fishing Magazine. Downrigger Probes article reads, “By using the Zwing (manufactures by Nekton Inc.) in place of the downrigger ball, scope can be minimized at all speeds and depth settings. The shape of the Zwing uses hydrodynamics versus weight to keep the downrigger cable close to vertical, below the boat, and away from trolling spread. As the boat speed increases, so does the downward force on the cable."


Getting Down to Business

Getting Down to Business In his “South Of The Border Sails”, Stan Lushinsky writes about his exploration in Mexico’s Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo. A section, titled, “Getting Down to Business” discussing the perspective of downirgger fishing in the I-Z area. He writes, “As the sun rises higher in the sky, the fish become reluctant to feed on the surface… Introduced over 10 years ago, this area’s captains have made the Z-Wing downirgger as important as the American Express Credit Card. In short, they won’t leave port without it! Since it’s introduction, the Z-Wing has accounted for some of the most impressive catches in the I-Z area, including the first grander black marlin taken in 1993.” He continues to offer insight into the rigger of the Zwing, “Generally one or both of the flat lines are pulled in and places on downriggers. Local captains run one Z-Wing at 30 feet and another at 50 feet, while extending the drop-backs to 40-50 yards. The two outside and inside outrigger lines are left in their original position. More often than not, a sailfish will grab one of the downrigger baits only to have several of his friends come up to take the surface baits.”


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