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Zwing features The Zwing is a great replacement for the traditional lead ball. The hydrodynamic shape allows for more control.
Buy a Zwing The Zwing comes in two weights the Zwing 150 (Best at faster speeds) and Zwing 350 (Best at all speeds).
Our News Read articles and reviews on the Zwing Downrigger system. See who uses the Zwing and what they have to report.
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The Most Advanced Downrigger System

After 26 years of research and development the Zwing brings downrigger fishing closer to perfection. The Zwing downrigger offers a great alternative to the traditional lead ball. Operating on the principle of hydrodynamic depression, rather than weight, the Zwing offers boat captains and anglers the ability to troll lures and baits over a range of speeds without complicated adjustments to the tow cord lengths. The design puts you in control of depth and lateral location. Unlike any other weighted planar the Zwing’s unique design creates an underwater vibration similar to that of injured or schooling baitfish. The Zwing is made from, lightweight, virtually indestructible, polypropylene plastic and can be customized to track in any direction away from your boat.

Who's Talkin'

  • Sport Fishing Magazine – New Product Release

    The Zwing is Back, and has made it into Sport Fishing Magazine's new product release section. Check it out! ...

    Charter Industry – Field Test

    Charter Industry Magazine published a product field test repost conducted by Capt. Mike Lewis. Capt. Mike Lewis tested the Zwing downrigger on Capt. Kit Kuittenin's boat, Alpha One, off the coast of Key West.  It reads, "There is no question that th...

    Sub-Surface Baits

    Mike Lewis's article titled, "Sub-Surface Baits: Methods for Deploying Baits Below the Surface", praises the efficiency of the Zwing downrigger. Mike Lewis questions 'just how deep can you get with a downirgger weight?,' he writes, "The faster you tr...

Our latest posts

  • Trophy Trout Guide Review

    We are happy to be supported by Rick Arnold on For many years, the Zwing has been used for both freshwater and saltwater applications. "The product was developed and designed by Barry Moore back in the mid 80’s origina...

    TrollPro video

    We have been testing the TrollPro housing for the GoPro camera with both models of our Zwing. Check out this video showing how smoothly it works - The lightweight Zwing and TrollPro housing is easy to transport and is able to capture film up to 100ft...